Dialog is a perfect format to carry the speaking activity. It is natural and close to the modern way that people chat in the apps. You can easily create a dialog and send it to students for roleplay.

1. Create a dialog step
A Dialog is just like other Steps, you can add a dialog by clicking the add button and choose dialog


2. Setup roles
There are at least two roles.
You must give them a name
You can optionally choose an avatar from your assets for each role. If you don't choose one, the name initial will be used
You can choose the Text-to-speech voice gender. If you don't override it in the sentence configuration, speech synthesis will be used
Finally, setup the initial student role and difficulty. There are three difficulties.
Easy: the student will see the whole sentence to read-aloud while they play the audio and speak
Medium: the student will see the who sentence while they play the audio, but only keywords you specify when they speak
Hard: the student will see only keywords

You can optionally allow user to switch roles.

role setup

3. Add sentences
Select the role of the sentence
Input the sentence to read-aloud
If you want to add an image or video, choose to add an image
If you want to override the TTS, add an audio. (highly recommended)
Add keywords as hints, by type a word or phrase and hit "enter". If you don't add keywords, all words will be displayed.
Repeat and add all sentences

add sentences

Congratulations! You just added your dialog. Save or publish it, and send them to your students.
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