What is an Activity?

An Activity is a speaking exercise, that you can create and share to your students, and collect their results. You can add the sentences to read-aloud, multiple-choice questions, or other multimedia information, such as image, video or audio. It can be used to practice pronunciation or dialog; for homework or tests; or even just to carry on videos and images with open questions you want the students to think about. There is no limitation on how the platform can be used.

Create activity

Navigate to the Activity page, and simply click "create activity". You need to fill in the following items
Activity name
Make sure you select the right display language and scoring language (that language of the sentence to read-aloud)
Add at least on step.

An Activity has a sequence of Steps. You can consider a Step as a "slide" in a Powerpoint, where students finish a speaking task.

Share activity

As soon as you Publish an activity, you can share it. Click the share button in the activity editor, or the Share in the Activity tab. You will get two options
The first is the link that you can share directly with your student. They can open it on both desktop and mobile phones.
The second is for advanced users: you can embed the activity in a page like blog or other Learning Management Systems.

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