If you want to embed the activity in any LMS (Learning Management System), the easiest way is to use iFrame.

First, you can get the iframe code from the Share feature see: How to Create and Share Activity
Then, you can copy paste the iFrame code and put it in your system.

You can find the reference of the systems here
Moodle: https://docs.moodle.org/310/en/Iframe
EdX: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wM2k5L3iMag
Blackboard: https://mycampus.maine.edu/web/uc-faculty-portal/education-technology/-/asset_publisher/vEKuFJYvDY5K/content/inserting-an-iframe-into-blackboard

If you want to adjust the size of the iframe.add height="500" width="800" to the iframe codeand change the value of the height and width there

For example, you get something like this
<iframe src="https://speak.ef.com/go/a-76t4je" allow="microphone"></iframe>

and now add height and widths to the original code
<iframe height="500" width="800" src="https://speak.ef.com/go/a-76t4je" allow="microphone"></iframe>
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