Course builder, which is accessible on the main navigation, is a tool where you can build a course, under which sub-courses and activities can be added. To put it simple: a course could have other courses, and could also have activities under it.

First create a course by clicking "create" button on the top right, fill in the name, optional background image and description.
Then, you can "Link Activity" - add previously created activities to this course. Or just create new activities directly
You can add Subcourse, for example, if you need a structure of "Course - Unit - Lesson", create a Course, then create subcourses named after "unit 1/2/3", and then create subcourses under each unit named "Lesson 1/2/3"
By clicking the "view course icon", you can see how the course is being rendered for the students
View course icon

You can always sort subcourses or activities by drag-and-drop their positions. Don't forget to "save" the course at the end

Activities are "linked" to the course, meaning if you delete the course, it will still be available. You can link the same activity with many different course for maximum reusability.

Resource: Demo course
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