In EF Speak, everything belongs to a Team. Upon registration, if you don't belong to any Team (as a new user), a default team will be created. All of your assets, activities are under the team and can be co-edited with other members you invited.

Switching Team

On the top left of the dashboard, you can switch your team.
Team Selection

Create team

You can view all the teams are in in Settings -> My Teams. Simply click the "Create Team". You will be the first Creator of the team


Invite collaborators
Open a team and click "Add Team Member" on the top right. Fill in the email. The user will receive an invitation by email, and has to accept it within 3 days.

Invite a user

Team roles
Creator: has Admin's permission, and in addition can delete a team
Admin: has Editor's permission, and in addition can manage team
Editor: who can create, update, and delete activities and assets.
Viewer: who can view results, assets and activities, but can't update or create them

Currently all users are Creator. The granular team permission feature will be coming soon.
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