In short, EF Speak helps your students to speak the target language more and better.

EF Speak is powered by EF's state-of-the-art Speech Scoring technology, which assess an audio on its pronunciation accuracy, stress and fluency, based on a piece of text which is supposed to be read-aloud. It gives each phoneme, word and sentence an "X-Ray".

In order for general teachers to take advantage of this tool, we build EF Speak, a platform that teachers can easily edit and distribute the speaking exercises, powered by the above mentioned Speech Scoring technology.

Here is a blink of EF Speak's functionalities:

Create Read-aloud tasks
Create Informational slides (such as image, video or audio)
Create Multiple-Choice questions, where students have to read-aloud the right answer
Put the above mentioned tasks (so-called Step) in an Activity and send a unique link of this Activity to your student
Upload any assets, such as image, video or audio, to be used in your activities
Collect Results from students in real time
Work in teams
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