EF Speak can be used in most modern browsers, both on mobile and desktop.

It is important, that the audio recording permission must be allowed of the browser, in order to record the audio from the microphone.

You will be prompted to allow microphone at the first use. If you decline, you might need to go to the settings to setup again.


You will be prompted to allow microphone usage usually on the top left of the browser





If you use Safari, you will be prompted about microphone every time

If you use other browsers:
Go to Settings
Choose Privacy
Choose Microphone
Make sure the browser, such as Chrome Mobile, is checked.

You will be prompted to allow Microphone in most browsers. In case if it blocked, you can check with the following steps
Go to Settings
Choose Apps
Choose Permissions
Make sure Microphone is turned on

The built-in browser in Facebook Messenger on Android, due to the lack of audio permission
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